OT: Madden 2008 PC Coach Mode & Cpu vs. Cpu Slider



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    OT: Madden 2008 PC Coach Mode & Cpu vs. Cpu Slider

    Post by Redwolf on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:00 am

    On behalf of Lombardi, Roadman, and myself, we'd like to thank the following members for helping with the testing this year :thumbup: :


    ...and to all the others who supported us along the way (including those who weren't quick enough to get a game in Wink ). Also a special thanks to Lombardi who convinced me to come out of "retirement" this year. Smile


    Skill Level: All Pro
    Quarter Length: 12 minute(s)

    Slider Human CPU
    QB Accuracy 56 56
    Pass Blocking 20 20
    Receiver Catching 70 70
    Running Ability 63 63
    Offensive line Run Blocking 57 57
    Defensive Awareness 50 50
    Defensive line Knockdowns 20 20
    Interceptions 3 3
    Defensive Break Blocks 15 15
    Tackling 50 50
    Fieldgoal Length 40 40
    Fieldgoal Accuracy 92 92
    Punt Length 56 56
    Punt Accuracy 92 92
    Kickoff Length 64 64

    Penalties - All maxed (99) except HOLDING (94)
    SUB out 83% SUB in 93%
    12 mins All-pro
    Acelerated Clock ON

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    Notes and Other Important Things

    Passing game: We are on the low side for completion% (see above), but a little high with QBRating. I would fight the urge to increase QBACC to increase comp% as this is going to result, ultimately, in higher yardage and higher QBRating. The same goes for interception% - we are a little bit high here (certainly in the realm of acceptablity), but it helps to keep QBRating in check. So the bottom line, for any personal tweaks, be aware of their effects on other stats. It becomes a bit of a juggling act. We think things are decent in this regard as it stands.

    Touchback%: We are above NFL average here. Indeed, of everything, this stat is perhaps sitting in the worst shape. However, I do think that the percentage we are sitting at currently will be acceptable to many. It has been very insensitive to the tweaks we have been attempting. If any slider warrants changing, though, I think it is the KickoffLength slider. I, personally, may lob off 8-10 points and try it there. Lombardi and Roadman may each have their own ideas as well, as may you...But we can't justify another 32+ game set just to look at this relatively minor stat (at least, not at this point). So the bottom line here is, tweak to what feels right to you, or simply leave it alone - you can see above, with very good certainty, what the current slider setting will generate.

    Fieldgoal%: We are very close as it is. A person may wish to try +1 FGAcc or leave it as it is (which is what I will most likely be doing). As it goes with everything, tweak to your personal taste.

    UPDATE: Redwolf's Optional (but recommended) adjustments:

    Note, these are not the result of extensive testing, as was done previously, but I have played enough and am confortable enough to recommend the following adjustments:

    Kickoff Length 57

    Sim engine injury 102 (as per Cmp66's recommendations)

    In-game injury (102-103) - currently more confortable recommending this range, rather than a set number here (if you like more, 103, if less, 102 - how's that for simple - haven't completely decided myself, but I know the range seems about right to me).

    **Head Coach adjustment - for "graphic engine" games, use NZA's editor to do a global Offensive Aggressive reduction of -20. Noticed a real increase in short passes vs. long passes - enough to recommend this. It seems to be having a positive impact on comp% and a negative on pass yardage as well. For "sim engine games" use Cmp66's head coaching settings as already programmed into NZA's editor. I personally revert back to my custom -20 OffAgg for "graphic engine" games.

    Also, use NZA's editor utility to reduce Head Coach Defensive Aggression -20 globally. This reduces the number of blitz calls (which are too frequent by default) seemly without adversive effects on sacks. QB play tends to be a bit more realistic as well.

    **Rosters: The set has been tuned to EA default. Any uprated or downrated rosters may result in stat average changes, depending on the extent of the rating changes. Other rosters may need individualized slider sets tuned to them. I am not going to say we recommend EA default, but just be wary of this fact. Personally, I will likely be using cwal's v1.3 (when it gets released) as it maintains EA's rating system.

    Thanks everybody and good luck with your franchises! Smile

    Update (August 5, 2008):

    Optional, but recommended - turn off player roles using Nza's editor.
    See this thread for more info on this: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    Update: September 6, 2008:

    Not compatible with FBG'09 rosters due to lower talent pool/player ratings.

    Update: October 31, 2008:

    Slight change to RBAbil and Sub IN/OUT to reflect what I am currently using (and forgot to update a long while ago).

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